Content Strategy

How Publishers Are Using Snapchat

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In December, New York Times columnist Farhad Manjoo said Snapchat parent Snap had “quietly become one of the world’s most innovative and influential consumer technology companies,” noting how Facebook is “obsessed” with imitating the popular messaging app—a topic widely reported across news ...


The New Realities of Global Media

Planning for global expansion is the current hot topic among publishers navigating the modern landscape for content and brands. Using targeted and business-minded approaches, leading media companies are leveraging content resources to address new topics, themes, and delivery channels, realizing today's ...


Keeping Up With Evolving Content Platforms

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If you haven’t tuned in to the increasingly rapid pace of change and competition amongst content platforms, it’s time to catch up. A flurry of recent announcements and changes are providing deeper insight into various approaches and their results. This week’s ...


Wrapping Up Content Strategy 2015

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Looking at 2015 in review, it’s clear this was a year of dramatic change for publishers. Major shifts occurred not only across publishing platforms but in terms of what we need to deliver to readers and how. Our content strategy ...


Surviving as a Designer in a Digital World

Mobile-first, articlization, effective storytelling, long-form journalism, free vs. paywall, responsiveness and fluidity, device independence, tappable design . . . Is your head spinning yet? Publication designers today are challenged with not only understanding myriad new terms and content delivery approaches, but ...


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