InDesign Tips

InDesign Tip: Creating Endnotes

endnotes text frame new

The wait is over! InDesign users now have the ability to add endnotes to their documents without requiring third-party products or scripts. Create an Endnote To insert an endnote into text, place the cursor at the point where the endnote reference ...


InDesign Tip: Font List Filters

Previous versions of InDesign offered users options to filter their font lists to show just their favorite fonts or synced TypeKit fonts. Additional filtering features added in the CC 2018 release and accessed via the font widget in the ...


InDesign Tip: New Document Dialog

IDCC2017.1 image soc

The redesigned New Document dialog provides a look that's more consistent with those of Illustrator and Photoshop. Adobe's effort to create consistency and decrease eye strain has been going on for some time, starting with changes to the color theme and size, spacing, and ...


InDesign Tip: User Interface Changes

Once again a new release of InDesign (v2017.1) focuses on the user interface. As frustrating as this may be to those users who are looking to be "wowed" by fancy new features, these changes are being made as our workflows continue ...


InDesign Tip: Improved Hyperlinks Panel Performance

hyperlink performance

The latest version of InDesign includes performance improvements made to the Hyperlinks panel. This is great news for anyone who is working with documents that contain multiple hyperlinks. When documents containing hyperlinks with destinations in other documents are opened, InDesign runs a check ...


InDesign CC Tip: Easy Access to Adobe Stock Search

Easy? Try hard to miss! InDesign CC 2017 offers four different ways to access and search Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is a service that gives you access to 6o million (and counting) high-quality, curated, royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates ...


InDesign CC Tip: Sharing CC Libraries

The introduction of the Creative Cloud gave us a way to easily create design assets in multiple applications and on different devices—and then store them in CC Libraries. Having easy access to these library assets and being able to organize and use ...


InDesign CC Tip: Straddling Footnotes


InDesign users have been waiting for straddling footnotes for a very long time, and they are finally here! If you are working with multi-column text frames, inserted footnotes can span across all columns when Span Footnotes Across Columns is ...


Good News: Adobe CC 2017 is here!


Today, at the largest MAX creativity conference to date, Adobe revealed its mission to advance the creative process with the help of new Cloud capabilities, namely collaboration, mobility, cloud first, and machine learning­ (via Adobe Sensei) technologies. These capabilities were clearly ...


InDesign CC Tip: Mobile Intent Page Sizes

When you create new InDesign documents and choose Mobile as the Intent (formerly Digital Publishing), the page size option list has been expanded to include additional target devices, including iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, iPad ...


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