InDesign Tips

InDesign Tip: Using Primary Text Frames

Working with and applying master pages to layouts with a primary text flow has become less labor-intensive with the introduction of the primary text frame. Here are some suggestions for using this feature to your best advantage. The Master Text Frame ...


InDesign CS6 Tip: Custom Style Mapping

With InDesign CS6, users now have the ability to easily copy, paste, and create links between objects when repurposing content for alternate layouts within a document or in different documents. A significant new feature that’s included is style mapping. Similar to ...


InDesign Tip: Save Time With Quick Apply

It’s one of those tools that most users tend to overlook, but once they use it, they appreciate its time-saving benefits. Quick Apply allows quick access to document styles, object styles, cell styles, table styles, menu commands, panel menus, and ...


InDesign Tip: Cleaning Up Imported Text

It’s not uncommon that text for InDesign will come from an application such as Microsoft Word. Often, this text may include extraneous characters and extra spaces that result from editorial habits or formatting applied during the editing process. Removing extraneous ...


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