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02.21.17 – Journalism Trends, News Alerts, Desktop vs. Mobile, and More


11.15.16 – Politics on Social Media, News in Text vs. Video, Digital Journalism Jobs, and More

09.20.16 – Smartphone News Alerts, Newsstand Ups and Downs, Snapchat Ad Sales, Google’s Survey of Mobile Users, and More

07.19.16 – Cost of Ad Blocking, News on Social Media, Decline of Newspaper Jobs, and More

05.17.16 – Long-Form Stories on Mobile, Demand for Ad-Free Browsing, Social Media Growth, and More

03.24.16 – Mobile Data Used by Ads, Magazine Social Audiences, Digital Ad Spending, and More

01.19.16 – Print-Only Newspaper Readers, Media Fragmentation, Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Browsing, and More


12.03.15 – Magazine Newsstand Sales, Apple Watch Usage, Effects of Hashtags, and More

11.10.15 – Wearables Developer Market, Newspaper Advertising, Social Media Use, News Feed Ads, and More

10.15.15 – Consumer Digital Habits, Mobile Web Use, Millennials Paying for News, and More

09.09.15 – Digital Media Boom, Magazines Taking Mobile Lead, Lifetime Usage of Mobile Apps, and More

08.11.15 – Mobile-Friendly Sites, Magazine Circulation, Ad-Blocking Tech, and More

07.14.15 – Brand Content Engagement, Tablet Market, Book and Journal Publishing, and More

06.09.15 – Social Media Scorecard, Top Priorities of News Organizations, Political News Sources by Demographic, and More

05.12.15 – State of the News Media, Video Ads on Mobile, Multiscreen Viewing, and More

04.14.15 – Messaging App Retention Rates, Magazine Industry Growth, Social Media Preferences, and More

03.10.15 – Growth in ‘Phablet’ Usage, Newsstand Sales Hit, the Must-Have Component of Native, and More

02.10.15 – Mobile Facebook Users, Time Spent in Favorite Apps, Mobile Web vs. Apps, and Mor

01.14.15 – Holiday Device Activations, Media M&A Activity, Mobile Ad Spending, and More


12.09.14 – Native Display Ads, Ad Viewability, News and Learning Online, and More

11.13.14 – Consumer Magazines, Social Network Demographics, Holiday Spending, and More

10.14.14 – Digital Video Ads, Facebook News, Tablet Sales, and More

09.09.14 – Mobile Among Millennials, Programmatic Advertising, Social Media, and More

08.20.14 – Facebook Numbers, the Mobile Evolution, Video Ad Viewability, and More

07.14.14 – Mobile Apps, Native Ads, Reader Ad Recall, and More

06.12.14 – B-to-B Publishing, Journalism Jobs, Internet Trends, and More

05.08.14 – Ad Spending, Viral Publishing, Mobile Traffic, and More

04.10.14 – Social Media, Online and Ebook Reading Habits, and More, and More


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