Publishing Innovations Newsletters

2016 Publishing Innovations

12.20.16 – Are You Ready to Wrap Up 2016?

10.25.16 – Surviving Or Dying In The Brave New World Of Digital News Media

08.30.16 – The Video Boom, Recent News, Women in Media, Media Metrics, InDesign Tip, Book Picks, and More

06.28.16 – Global Media, Recent News, Women in Media, Media Metrics, InDesign Tip, Book Picks, and More

04.26.16 – Content Platforms, Recent News, Women in Media, Media Metrics, AEM Mobile Tip, Book Picks, and More

02.23.16 – Media Responsibility, Recent News, Women in Media, Media Metrics, Book Picks, and More

2015 Publishing Innovations

12.22.15 – Wrapping Up Content Strategy, Recent News, Women in Media, Media Metrics, Book Picks, and More

11.24.15 – The New Definition Of Publishing Platforms

09.22.15 – Articlization and Mobile Snacking: Are You Ready? Mobile Users Are Hungry

08.26.15 – Surviving As A Designer In A Digital World

07.29.15 – Publishing Strategy: What’s Most Important Now? Technology, Process, or Content?

06.30.15 Data Visualization

05.19.15 – Apple Watch

04.28.15 – The Top 5 Shift Publishers Can’t Ignore

03.24.15 – Content Governance – Do You Have It? Do You Need It?

02.26.15 – What’s The Next Major Disruptor For Publishing?

01.29.15 – Content Best Practices for 2015


2014 Publishing Trends

12.17.14 – Happy Holidays from TFP

11.25.14 – 5 Steps for Incorporating Change Management

10.29.14 – 5 Steps for Planning a Sustainable Digital Magazine App

09.23.14 – Creating Efficiencies in Digital Content Processes, Books for a Type-Lover’s Library, Media Metrics, and More

07.23.14 – What Publishers Are Doing, 7 InDesign Workspace Tips, and More

06.25.14 – Publication App Design, Adobe DPS v31 and CC 2014, Media Metrics, and More

05.22.14 – Nat Geo’s Susan Goldberg, Choosing Content Systems, Design Tips, and More

04.22.14 – Content Governance, Color Inspiration, Media Metrics, and More

03.25.14 – Maintaining Content Health, Media Metrics, An Addition to the TFP Team, and More

02.18.14 – Effective Workflows, InDesign CC Update, Media Metrics, and More

01.31.14 – Patch Layoffs, a Super Bowl DPS App, InDesign CC 9.2


2013 Publishing Trends

12.17.13 – Happy Holidays From TFP

11.20.13 – Open EFT: Easier Creation of Tablet Content?

10.22.13 – Anytime Publishing, Converting 2-D Publications to Interactive Apps

09.24.13 – Content Strategy Planning, TFP’s case study on Rodales Best Practices Workflow, iOS7 Roundup

08.27.13 – 5 Big Questions You Should Answer If You Produce Content

07.24.13 – The Most Interesting Metrics of the Tablet Market, Women In Media Interview – Anne-Marie Concepcio’n

06.19.13 – InDesign CC, 7 Useful App Publishing Tips, 10 Most Popular InDesign and DPS Tips

05.21.13 – ASME National Magazine Award Winners, Women In Media Spotlight – Catherine Cassidy, Adobes latest announcements

04.24.13 – The iPad turns 3, Interview with Melina Bellows, National Magazine Awards – 2013 Finalists

03.19.13 – Women In Media: Changes in Leadership Reflect Broader Industry Shift, TFP Helps National Geographic Embrace Digital, EWIP Conference Update

02.19.13 – TFP’s Online Training for Adobe DPS, 5 Key Components to Reinventing Publishing

01.22.13 – 2013 – It’s About the Content!


2012 Publishing Trends

12.18.12 – Adobe DPS Webinar Series, Women in Media Interview – Amy Klee, ‘Best Apps’ List

11.27.12 – Women in Media Interview – Maria Streshinsky, TFP Case Study – Source Interlink Media, Adobe DPS v24 Release

10.23.12 – TFP’s new ‘Women in Media’ blog, iPad Mini, TFPS Digital Publishing Suite Tips

09.18.12 – Publishing Reinvention

08.22.12 – National Journal Ramps Up for Conventions, Adobe DPS v22

07.24.12 – Adobe DPS v21, MPA Digital Highlights, EPUB 3

06.20.12 – National Geographic Pushes the Edge of Digital Convergence, Flipboard

05.22.12 – What’s Missing from the Tablet Experience?, DPS Release 20, InDesign CS6 – Alternate Layout Feature, DPS Create update for DPS v19

04.24.12 – Welcome to the Technology for Publishing Newsletter!



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