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AEM Mobile Tip: Creating Collections


A collection in an Adobe Experience Manager Mobile app is a grouping of content that can include articles, banners, and other collections. Collections may contain all the articles from an issue of a magazine, a group of articles that ...


AEM Mobile: Updated Features List

Screenshot 2016-04-18 12.30.00

Here's an ever-changing (in a good way) resource for anyone using Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. Whether you are just starting out or are already using AEM Mobile to create your apps, the Feature List, which includes feature descriptions with links to help pages ...


AEM Mobile Tip: Search Feature


Since the release of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, the importance of article and collection metadata has been associated with the mapping of content to cards and collections. Although this is still the case, the need for careful planning of content ...


Introducing Adobe Experience Manager Mobile


Yesterday Adobe launched Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, a next-generation offering that combines the functionality of Digital Publishing Solution and Adobe Experience Manager Apps—along with new and enhanced features—to help organizations more effectively create, manage, and measure mobile apps. As Adobe explained in ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Bulk Editing Metadata

The DPS Portal has an option that lets you select multiple articles, banners, or collections and edit their metadata. For example, departments, categories, and/or keywords can be added to multiple articles, or a product ID can be applied to multiple collections. ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Default and Home Collections

default home collection

The default, or “top-level nav collection,” is the collection that controls what is shown when an Adobe Digital Publishing Solution app is launched. The same top-level nav (or default) collection can be used for both tablets and phones, or there is ...


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