INFOGRAPHIC: The Rise of Uber

Uber infographic

The Uberification model A disruptor in the transportation industry, Uber started out just seven years ago as a simple mobile app for connecting drivers and passengers. Today, the company is estimated to be worth $62.5 billion—more than top carmakers including BMW, Ford, ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Use Across Generations

Mobile device use infographic

Text me. Many people assume texting is predominately the domain of younger smartphone users, but according to research firm RealityMine, not so. In a recent study of 3,000 users, it found that texting is now the preferred method of communication across ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media and Mobile Trends in 2014

This week's infographic pick, from data analysis firm AddThis, highlights the year's biggest social media trends from around the world, covering  everything from the growth of social and mobile to the events that generated the most traffic. One site that saw a huge jump was Vietnamese ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing at the Speed of Light

Technology has made it possible for digital marketers to send their messages around the globe nearly instantaneously. But for their campaigns to be successful, they need to understand their global audiences and how to navigate the changing landscape. This week's Infographic ...


DPS Tip: Latest Folios Showcased in Library

The default library for iPad subscription apps has been upgraded in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v31 release. The new library configuration will prominently display the newest content available for purchase or subscription. The showcase format will include ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How Safe Is That Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi hotspots sure are handy, but are they safe? This week's infographic pick from Secure Data Recovery Services looks at situations where your device might be vulnerable, and offers safety tips to help you protect yourself from hackers and ...


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