Social Media

TFP’s November Book Picks: Social Media Strategy

There’s no question social media is (or absolutely should be!) a key component of every publisher’s content strategy today. Given the fact that a huge chunk of publishers’ online traffic is now driven by social and direct-to-social distribution models are quickly ramping up, the ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media by the Numbers

social media infographic

Who’s your target? Courtesy of Sprout Social, we bring you some fresh insights on who’s using which social platforms so you can better focus your content efforts. This week’s infographic provides recent demographics for top sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, breaking out usage based ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The Best Times for Facebook Posts

Facebook time infographic

The clock is ticking. When it comes to Facebook posts, the bulk of activity can most often be measured in minutes, not hours or days, according to this week’s infographic from Fanpage Karma, the maker of a social media analytics and monitoring tool. Its analysis of ...


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