Social Media

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media by the Numbers

social media infographic

Who's your target? Courtesy of Sprout Social, we bring you some fresh insights on who's using which social platforms so you can better focus your content efforts. This week's infographic provides recent demographics for top sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, breaking out usage ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media, Then and Now

Social media infographic

Can we chat? While social media is often thought of as a recent phenomenom, it's actually been around since the 1970s, starting with newsgroups like Usenet and the BBS (Bulletin Board System). Later, in the '80s, the first chat groups and online portals ...


INFOGRAPHIC: A Look Ahead in Social Media

Social media marketing infographic

While social has without question become key to content strategies across the media and advertising industries, both its impact and future remain hard to pin down. Here's an infographic from CJG Digital Marketing, posted on Business 2 Community, that provides not only an overview of ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media and Mobile Trends in 2014

This week's infographic pick, from data analysis firm AddThis, highlights the year's biggest social media trends from around the world, covering  everything from the growth of social and mobile to the events that generated the most traffic. One site that saw a huge jump was Vietnamese ...


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