Welcome to This Week in Publishing, a new feature that we’ll be putting together weekly for the TFP Blog. Throughout the week we’ll be compiling interesting and noteworthy stories from the publishing world, and putting them together for you to peruse each Friday. Think we missed something great? Send an email to marketing[at]tech4pub.com and let us know. Check back each Friday to see what happened This Week in Publishing.

  • The Apple Newsstand is “changing the way people buy and read magazines,” according to PixelMags. Wired’s write up about Newsstand’s success on its Gadget Lab blog is chock full of digital magazine success stories. From PixelMags 1,150 percent growth increase, to the New York Times 189,000 new user downloads in the first week after Newsstand and iOS 5 debuted, it’s clear that Newsstand is an important step towards growing the digital magazine market.
  • We recently learned about the release of a long-awaited Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite feature that many of our clients have been asking about. Creating scrollable content within your DPS layout just got a whole lot easier – Check out this video from Adobe® to find out how. Let us know in the comments how this feature update makes your life easier and let us in on what other feature enhancements you’d like to see.
  • Shifting the focus from Apple’s Newsstand and the iPad, it was announced on Monday that Zinio’s Zinio Explore, the only offering in the market that allows users to read the latest stories from popular magazines for free, is now available to Android tablet users. Zinio President and CEO Rich Maggiotto describes Zinio Explore as “just like browsing a newsstand, readers can pick a magazine and read a quick article.” Articles from popular titles such as Harvard Business Review, Marie Claire and Rolling Stone are updated daily, as new issues are available. This model presents an interesting point of difference to Apple’s Newsstand – do you think allowing consumers to browse articles for free will increase digital subscriptions?
  • As hot of a topic as digital magazines have been lately, ebooks are not far behind, and publishers are feeling the pressure. Amazon announced last week that it’s getting ready to introduce an HTML5-based ebook format, Kindle Format 8. The new HTML5 format would allow publishers more control over ebook design features, an area where the current Mobi 7 format is lacking. This could be an important step forward for the ebook market.

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