Exciting new features were announced this week for the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite. The November 10 software release provides:

  • Support for Amazon Kindle Fire
    – Create applications for Amazon Kindle Fire
    – In-app payments supported on Kindle Fire AND ANY Android device. (Single Issue and Subscriptions)
    – Users can purchase magazine and newspaper content from Amazon.com and consume it on any Android device.     Publish once, consume on many.
  • New Viewer and Authoring Features, including the ability to place all overlays in scrollable frames (except slideshows)
  • New Account Administration Features
  • Support for Single Edition, Adobe’s new low-cost solution for one-time app developers
  • Several Viewer Builder updates
  • Revision to the Adobe Professional Edition, allowing a monthly subscription
    – Billed monthly at $495.
    – Comes with 250 complimentary .folio downloads and additional downloads can also be purchased through the Adobe Store.

To download the latest release, click here.

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Posted by: tfpadmin