We recently had the privilege to hear Jane Wurwand, the witty and authentic CEO of Dermatologica and FITE, speak about her approach to leadership, and how she is using her position of influence to help other women in the world. She has some staggering statistics to share from the World Economic Forums Global Gender Report.


  • Perform 60% of the world’s work
  • Produce 50% of the worlds’ food
  • Give 90% of their income to their families
  • Bear 70% of the world’s poverty
  • Earn only 10% of the world’s income
  • Own 90% of the world’s land

As a publishing executive with the ability to reach a broad audience with your content, you too have the unique opportunity to contribute to the change that this information can influence. How does this interleave with your editorial message? As female executives, we are all in a position to share, communicate and change. Help affect and elevate the life of a less fortunate woman who with just a little help can change her world, the world of those around her, and shift the economy of the underprivileged from the bottom up.

How are you contributing? Share your message in the comments.

Posted by: tfpadmin