Welcome to TFP’s weekly roundup of interesting and noteworthy stories from the publishing world. Here’s what happened this week in publishing.
  • In a very interesting move (and maybe a sign of what’s to come), Vogue launched a new way for readers to interact with its content: the Vogue Content Archive. For an annual fee of $1,575, users get access to 120 years’ worth of Vogue photos, articles, and advertisements. Is this a great way to monetize past content, or is the target market for this service too small to justify the setup cost?
  •  On the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Blog, Rebecca McPheters, founder and CEO of McPheters & Co., discussed a debate that’s been a very hot topic in digital publishing lately: whether enhancing the digital reader experience is worth the investment. McPheters is confident that survey data proves the need for publishers to invest in interactive content for tablets; do you agree?
  • Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the U.S., announced its plans to extend its rollout of paywalls to include 40 Chicago area titles, including the Chicago Sun Times. The company has previously tested paywalls on three of its 83 titles. The Sun Times‘ biggest rival, the Chicago Tribune, currently provides free access to its content online; will Sun Times loyalists keep subscription revenue coming in, or will paywalls drive readers to the cost-free Tribune?
  • Pregnancy Magazine announced its decision to cease print production of its publication, moving to digital-only delivery via apps for iPad, Android, and Kindle devices. Is this a smart, forward-thinking move? Or should publishers be concerned about alienating readers who still prefer print?
  • Rob O’Regan analyzed findings from the American Magazine Study, suggesting that publishers need to “redouble their efforts” to get their print readership to become consumers of their digital content as well—online, on mobile and tablet devices, and via social media.

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