This past week, National Geographic launched its digital magazine tailored for the iPhone.


Created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and InDesign CS6, this issue focuses on the cheetah, one of the world’s fastest four-legged creatures, with images captured by a specially constructed camera. See the amazing footage on the cover and throughout the issue in compelling and creative interactives. Additional content features a personal story from Juan Valdés, a Nat Geo geographer, about his history with Cuba—the featured cover story.

The magazine’s Creative Director, Bill Marr, paid special attention to tailoring the experience to the iPhone, from button and text size, to the handling of photography, text, and audio. Before deciding on his final approach, Marr collaborated with our friends Joe Zeff Design to work through  scenarios that would best leverage the device’s ability to highlight the various forms of content. Pay special attention to the tabbed Read, Look, Watch, and Listen categories to fully experience each story.

There are also some interesting surprises, such as the jigsaw puzzle (stay tuned for more enhancements in future issues), and the live feeds for Your Shot, the News Gallery, and Instagram Feeds.

Marr looks forward to a future version where he can make reading the magazine on the iPhone a more bidirectional experience with the reader.

Download your copy of National Geographic magazine for the iPhone or iPad at the iTunes Store.


Posted by: Margot Knorr Mancini

A thought leader in the publishing industry, Margot Knorr Mancini has helped numerous publishers redefine their missions to become nimble content generators with the ability to repurpose content easily and efficiently. As Founder & CEO of Technology for Publishing, her analytical mind allows her to remain a step ahead of the industry, recognizing early trends and developing pivotal best practices.