This is Part 1 of three in a series of posts about the state of tablets, digital magazines, and digital publishing trends.

The iPad’s recent third anniversary served as a reminder of how far the tablet market has come in such a short amount of time. It’s easy to forget how quickly we’ve gone from doubting this new technology—at first dismissing it in favor of  existing smartphones and laptops—to not only embracing it, but hanging on every word about the latest release news and constantly dreaming up new ways to use it.

Generally, we know that the tablet market is steadily moving upward in sales and adoption, but where does it really stand? We scoured the most recent research and studies to pull together a recap of tablet trends and stats to give you a better idea.

Tablet Purchasing Trends
Tablet User Demographics
Tablet Market Share
Source: IDG

Source: IDC

Posted by: Gina Barrett