Here’s our latest roundup of hiring news and features highlighting women’s roles in the evolving media landscape.

Hiring News

  • Jessie Price has been promoted Editor in Chief of Meredith’s Eating Well. She had been serving as the magazine’s Deputy Editor of Food since 2008.Martha Stewart Weddings cover
  • Martha Stewart Weddings announced three staff changes. Kate Berry was promoted from Style Director to Creative Director; Eleni Gage joined the staff as Executive Editor; and Melissa Foss is on board as Beauty Director.
  • B2B media company SourceMedia has hired Minna Rhee to fill the newly created role of Chief Digital Officer. Rhee was previously CEO at Zeta Interactive.
  • Ellen Carucci is the new Publisher at Rodale’s Organic Gardening. She most recently held the same role at Modern Farmer, a quarterly that launched in the spring.
  • Kathy Best has been named Editor of The Seattle Times. She had served as a Managing Editor at the newspaper since 2007.
  • Stacy-Marie Ishmael has joined the Financial Times as Vice President of Communities, a new role at the newspaper. She has worked for the Financial Times before but most recently was the Product Manager at tech start-up Percolate Industries.

Media News

  • Contributing Editor Eleanor Clift wrote an essay for her final issue with Newsweek, as the publication moves from IAC to its new owner, IBT Media. In the nostalgic piece, she reflects on her 50-year career at Newsweek, and the magazine’s and lows throughout her tenure.
  • According to Politico, a recent survey by The New Republic found that 80% of its readers are male. TNR Editor Franklin Foer told Politico in an email, “Journalism as a profession has a deep seeded gender problem. It’s an obligation of editors and publishers to try and overcome that.”
  • But gender bias sometimes shows up in unexpected places, too. Reporter Adrienne LaFrance analyzed a year’s worth of articles she had written for a variety of publications and was surprised to find that 52 out of 136 did not quote any women. She’s written a blog post that examines whether her writing—and that of many other journalists—is just a reflection of the gender bias that exists in the world, and whether it’s her responsibility as a journalist to try to shift the balance.
    Mayer's Fortune interview


  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was put in the position of having to defend the photo shoot that appeared in the September issue of Vogue, with some critics contending that playing up her physical appearance feeds into stereotypes about women, while defenders pointed to unfair scrutiny and double standards for female business leaders. In a recent interview with Charlie Rose in which he asked Mayer about the shoot, she stated, “I know who I am, I know what I like, and I have a clear view of what I want Yahoo to be.” Enough said.

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Posted by: Gina Barrett