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Welcome to TFP’s weekly roundup of interesting and noteworthy stories from the publishing world. This week, we’re looking at publishers’ strategies for bringing in more revenue, our latest DPS tip and infographic pick, Women in Media news, and more.

  • Adobe announced yesterday that its servers were compromised. The company disclosed that hackers stole source code from “numerous” Adobe products, as well as personal data on 2.9 million customers, including names and credit card numbers. An undetermined number of customer IDs and encrypted passwords were also stolen.
  • News analysis company NewsWhip released data ranking publishers based on total social media interactions with their content on Facebook and Twitter in August. Several traditional news outlets—including the BBC, The New York Times, and The Guardian—led the pack on Twitter, with online-only publishers BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post tops on Facebook.Domino magazine cover image
  • Condé Nast’s Domino magazine, which closed down four years ago, has returned as a website and quarterly print publication with a new strategy for success: e-commerce. According to Adweek, “About 80% of the items shown in the editorial photos on Domino.com will be shoppable within the site.”
  • Coincidentally, a Newsonomics article suggests that “the emerging media and publishing business model can be summed up simply, if maybe inelegantly: Sell more stuff.” But in this case, it’s looking at publishers’ strategies of offering new editorial products, such as ebooks, premium content, and special tablet editions, in order to open up new revenue streams.
  • A Bloomberg article examines how The Guardian newspaper managed increase its digital revenue 29% last year without charging readers for its digital content—and whether that’s a positive sign for other publishers choosing not to take the paywall approach.
  • When Rodale felt it was the right time to pursue a magazine best-practices workflow initiative, it turned to TFP for help. Find out more about how Rodale’s partnership with TFP enabled it to implement a workflow management system and a new digital publication strategy for tablet devices, on the TFP blog.
  • This week on TFP’s DPS Tips blog, learn about the smooth scrolling articles feature, which offers the option of displaying content such as a table of contents or a recipe as a single long, continuous, scrollable page in an Adobe Digital Publishing Suite app.
  • Visit TFP’s Women in Media blog for our latest roundup of hiring news and features highlighting women’s roles in the evolving media landscape. This week, we look at recent masthead changes at magazines and newspapers, including Eating Well and the Financial Times, as well as stories that examine gender bias in the media industry.
  • Every Wednesday, we post our Infographic Pick of the Week. This week: 32 stats that reveal why your business should have a mobile strategy.

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Posted by: Gina Barrett