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Welcome to TFP’s weekly roundup of interesting and noteworthy stories from the publishing world. This week, we’re looking at big changes at the Financial Times, print and digital ad spending, our new Media Metrics roundup,  and more.

  • In a memo to staff, Financial Times Editor Lionel Barber announced that the 125-year-old newspaper will shift to a single global print edition next year and focus on producing content for digital audiences. “The 1970s-style newspaper publishing process … is dead,” Barber said. “In the future, our print product will derive from the web offering—not vice versa.”
  • According to, in the first nine months of 2013, 138 magazines launched and 45 closed in the U.S. and Canada. Those figures represent a decrease compared with the same period last year, when 181 titles launched and 61 closed.
  • EMedia Vitals’ Rob O’Regan sees reports like the ones above as signs that “the digital-first transition is getting a bit less bumpy” for some publishers. He discusses the reasons for his optimism while also acknowledging the ongoing “tension between quality and quantity” at many media organizations.ZenithOptimedia's Executive summary: Advertising Expenditure Forecasts September 2013
  • Perhaps not surprisingly, a recent forecast from ZenithOptimedia for worldwide ad spending predicts that the gap between digital’s growth and print’s decline will continue to widen, with Internet ad market share increasing from 18.3% in 2012 to 24.5% in 2015, as newspapers and magazines “continue to shrink at an average of 3% a year.”
  • To help you keep up with current media industry trends and prepare for changes that are just around the corner, we’ve started compiling excerpts from some of the key stories covering those topics each month. Read our Media Metrics post to find out what’s happening with the advertising and mobile industries, app and Internet usage, ebooks, and more.
  • This week on TFP’s DPS Tips blog, learn more about adding a panorama overlay to images in your app to create a stunning 360° visual experience.
  • Every Wednesday, we post our Infographic Pick of the Week. This week, we just couldn’t resist one from our friends at America’s Test Kitchen. It may not be media-related, but it is awesome: The Nerd’s Guide to Making Doughnuts.

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Posted by: Gina Barrett