If your Adobe Digital Publishing Suite app has been built with Social Sharing enabled, the Content Viewer for Web options need to be configured. To access these options, log in to the DPS Dashboard and select Account Administration in the left sidebar, then select the Application account.


There, under the Content Viewer for Web section, you can specify the following options:

Enable Content Viewer for Web  Select this option to allow users to view unprotected articles in their desktop browser using the Web Viewer. Note: Article views are added to the download fulfillment counts.

Hosting URL Specify a URL if the Web viewer content is embedded on your website.

Redirect URL Specify a URL to which users will be redirected if an article that was once shared is no longer available. The web page that opens should contain information about the app.

Enable Fulfillment Limit When selected, this option will set a limit for the overall number of views of articles in the Web Viewer. After the limit has been reached, users who try to view an article that has been shared will get a message with a Fulfillment Limit Reached URL. The web page should contain information about the app.

Enable Paywall This sets a limit to the number of views of unprotected articles in a folio. When the limit is reached, a paywall page will appear containing a button that links to a specified URL. The web page that opens should contain information about the app.

Paywall Button URL Specify a URL to which users will be redirected when they click the button in the paywall page. The web page that opens should contain information about the app.

Paywall Text Create a message to appear on the paywall page that explains the paywall limit and directs users to  information about the app.

For additional information regarding Social Sharing and the Content Viewer for Web, see Adobe’s Using Social Sharing

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

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