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INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media and Mobile Trends in 2014

This week’s infographic pick, from data analysis firm AddThis, highlights the year’s biggest social media trends from around the world, covering  everything from the growth of social and mobile to the events that generated the most traffic. One site that saw a huge jump was Vietnamese ...


InDesign CC Tip: Importing Object Styles

Creating and using object styles in InDesign can be just as important as using paragraph and character styles to achieve a more cohesive workflow and design. Object styles can include settings for stroke, color, transparency, drop shadows, paragraph styles, text wrap, ...


DPS Tip: Adobe DPS v32 Update Release v32.4

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v32.4, released Dec. 8, includes the following updates and bug fixes: Background downloading in non-Newsstand apps Folios are downloaded in the background of any non-Newsstand app when a push notification for a new folio is sent ...


DPS Tip: Testing Your App With TestFlight

Without question, testing is crucial once you’ve created an app in Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. With TestFlight, a free app available from the iTunes App Store, a developer can invite internal and external users to test the prerelease version of ...


5 Steps for Incorporating Change Management

Publishers are dealing with extraordinary challenges as they try to shift content business strategies while reshaping the inner behaviors and DNA of their operations to support new goals. Refreshing one’s thinking about change management and how it can best support ...


‘Drawing’ in InDesign

OK. I’ll admit it. I love InDesign. So much, in fact, that I’m reluctant to leave it when I’m working on a project, even when my alternatives are its sibling applications, Illustrator and Photoshop. Recently, I wanted to incorporate roughly ...


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