Last week, Adobe announced an exciting new offering in its growing product line of creative tools. Adobe’s release of a new, free iPad app, Adobe Voice, has the potential to change the way individuals and organizations tell their stories.

The digital storytelling app lets users record their voices with the touch of a virtual button. They can select from more than 25,000 icons and images that come with the app, or upload their own, to help illustrate and animate their stories. They can also choose music to accompany it. Sounds pretty simple, and it is. This offers great options for users at any skill level to put together visual stories quickly and easily—think teachers and students, and back-of-the-napkin conversations.

The app can run on iPad 2 or higher and iOS 7; a Creative Cloud account, which can be set up for free, is required to publish videos created with Adobe Voice.

The Adobe video below provides a quick overview of how it works. We’re intrigued to see the first results of what this product can do. Maybe a new category on the TFP airwaves!

You can also read more about Adobe Voice in the company’s press release announcing the app, or download the app from iTunes and start experimenting right away.

Posted by: tfpadmin