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Welcome to TFP’s roundup of news and tips for media industry pros! This week, we’re sharing stories about The New Yorker‘s website redesign, how news sites are turning to “continuous scroll,” why digital publishers want to be in the “magazine” business, and more.

  • NewYorker homepageThe New Yorker launched its much-anticipated website redesign, announcing that it will offer readers free access to archived articles for three months before moving to a metered paywall system. The Guardian took a first look at the site, from aesthetics and user experience to digital content and access.
  • To get readers to stick around, news websites are increasingly making use of “continuous scroll,” which lets visitors seamlessly transition to new content without having to click on a headline and wait for a new page to load. An article from Poynter looks at how major news outlets like are using this feature, noting that the trend reflects the fact that sites are seeing declines in direct homepage traffic and growth in traffic from social media.
  • Digiday takes a look at how sites like Yahoo, Say Media, and Flipboard are positioning their digital products as “magazines” to entice advertisers with the promise of high-quality content. “The term magazine describes the value advertisers are getting,” said Joyce Bautista Ferrari, executive editorial director at Say Media. “They’re getting storytelling, something that has a personality.”
  • A new report finds that a majority of publishers think the subscription ebook model will “inevitably” be huge in the future. Given all the press on the recent launch of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service, you might think so, writes Digital Book World’s Rich Bellis. But, he cautions, there are no guarantees.
  • How can you make the most of your InDesign workspace? See 7 Tips to Make Your InDesign Workspace Work for You, from TFP Creative Director Mary Lester.
  • In this week’s DPS Tip, we list the advanced options currently available in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite DPS App Builder application, a tool used to create the physical app that gets submitted to the marketplace.
  • TFP’s Infographic Pick of the Week looks at the results of the 2014 State of Native Advertising Report. Is there a lot of untapped potential out there?

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Posted by: Monica Sambataro

Monica Sambataro is a contributing editor and copyeditor for Technology for Publishing. Her publishing background includes work for leading technology- and business-related magazines and websites.