Adobe has announced two Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v31 patch releases: v31.1 and v31.2. We have included the new features and bug fixes for both releases, as listed on Adobe’s What’s New in This Release and DPS Bug Fix Release Notes pages.

Adobe Digital PublishingThe July 28 Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v31.2 patch release supports the following features:

Native Android viewer

  • The DPS App Builder now includes a setting to lock the library in landscape orientation.
  • Performance is improved when progressively downloading a folio.
  • There is no longer a flash when large multi-state objects initially appear on-screen.
  • Videos being viewed will now pause when a phone call is received.
  • YouTube videos that have been embedded in a web viewer now play correctly.

Windows viewer

  • The v31.2 release provides several minor bug fixes to the Windows viewer.

The July 7 Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v31.1 patch release supports the following features:

Android viewer

  • Direct entitlement servers that implement the legacy v1 API.
  • getFolioInfo() API in custom storefronts.
  • Reading API.
  • HTML viewport settings in web overlays, HTML articles, and custom library.
  • Gestures in web overlays, HTML articles, and custom library.
  • Ability to add Relative navto:// hyperlinks.
  • Hyperlinks to link to anchors in HTML content.
  • Cleanup of folios originally downloaded with the legacy Android viewer when the viewer is updated to the native Android viewer.

Windows viewer

  • Background audio that plays continuously through entire folio.
  • Ability to add hyperlinks that open content in an in-app browser.
  • onAppear and onDisappear events in HTML articles.
  • Direct entitlement servers that implement the legacy v1 API.
  • Optional notifications that prompt readers to enable the collection of analytics data.
  • Ability to search for folios in the library by title, folio number, and publication name.

iOS viewer

  • Download enhancements, including retries when the download fails.

For more information on these latest releases, see Adobe’s What’s New in This Release page. For information regarding bug fixes in these releases, see Adobe’s DPS Bug Fix Release Notes.

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

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