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Welcome to TFP’s roundup of news and tips for media industry pros! This week, we’re sharing stories about Apple’s newest offerings, Twitter’s thoughts on the new Apple Pay service, how the iPhone’s larger screen may affect tablet publications, the ethics of platform design, and more.

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  • As expected, Apple debuted new iPhone models with bigger screens, its first wearable product, and digital wallet technology. After all the hype died down, analysis of the rollouts began, including an article from Business Insider weighing in on the larger smartphones and the viability of the Apple Watch, as well as reports in The New York Times that looked at whether the new Apple Pay service will fly and the company’s privacy challenges.
  • Speaking of Apple’s mobile-pay plan, CNET reported that Twitter put its stamp of approval on the new offering, even though the social media company just introduced a feature that will let users purchase products via a “Buy” button. “Anything that reduces the friction on making a purchase on [the iPhone] is a good thing,” said Adam Bain, president of global revenue, at the CTIA show.
  • Still more Apple discussion focused on whether the iPhone Plus means the end of already struggling tablet publications. According to a report from Poynter, some analysts predict that the larger iPhone screen might “cannibalize” the iPad and affect sales of other tablets. But with tablets still making up about half of the total market for personal computing, some news organizations don’t see it that way, saying that their audiences want to be able to get their news on a variety of devices.
  • Now for a non-Apple topic: There was an interesting read on the Nieman Journalism Lab website about who determines what news we see in our apps today and what that means in terms of responsibility and press ethics. Increasingly, where we focus our attention is determined by algorithms, the report pointed out, bringing software makers and technology engineers into the realm of traditional journalists.
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  • You’ll also find the latest installment of TFP’s Media Metrics, which focuses on the growth of mobile among millennials, what marketers think about programmatic advertising, social media’s move into the mainstream, and more.
  • Google’s numbers are mind-boggling: 2.4 million search queries, more than 20 million ad impressions, 1.15 million Play Store app downloads. And that’s in just 60 seconds! For more stats on the search giant, see our Infographic Pick of the Week.
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Posted by: Monica Sambataro

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