Meet some new fonts, fall in love again with some familiar favorites, make your digital content more vibrant and clear, and become a master of your type universe.

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The Anatomy of Type:
A Graphic Guide to 100 Typefaces

Stephen Coles provides a visual feast for type lovers, “examining shoulders, spines, and tails in detail.” One hundred typefaces are given large-scale display with helpful pointers to the stylistic traits that make them both beautiful and useful. Related, alternative fonts are offered for comparison, adding to the joy of discovering new favorites. Beautifully designed, this book manages to pack a lot of information into an inviting and stimulating visual experience.

On Web Typography

“When in doubt, make it bigger,” declares Jason Santa Maria on designing with type for the screen. Hear, hear! Typography options for web design have become significantly more sophisticated in recent years, while familiar best practices still apply. Jason provides a very complete introduction to type fundamentals, woven into a web design context. Loads of images support the story, and the classic A List Apart book design makes for efficient and enjoyable reading. Jason uses his own website as a canvas for typographic experimentation.

InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign (3rd Edition)

Nigel French has updated his classic, and it’s well worth a re-visit. I wondered if his new version would have much to teach me, but my 20-plus Post-it flags attest to the abundance of great tips in this book, and I keep it close at hand for quick reference. I especially appreciate his expertise on importing text from Word documents to preserve only the formatting you need. Great visuals and detail on expert-level style sheets, tables, and grids, as well as the basic best practices for choosing the best typeface for your next project.

What have you been reading? Are there other books you keep in your type-lover’s library? Do tell!

Posted by: Mary Lester

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