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Welcome to TFP’s roundup of news and tips for media industry pros! This week, we’re sharing stories about holiday content strategy, Twitter’s mobile play, A/B testing, Marissa Mayer’s earnings call, and more.


  • The holiday season is a prime time to engage social media audiences, but some words of advice for retailers, marketers, and publishers alike: Don’t overdo it, and stick with what you know. That’s according to an article from Folio, which advised against trying to develop a new social media strategy around the season. Content providers would do better, it said, to align their core principles to the holidays.
  • In a move to win over mobile developers, Twitter introduced a suite of products that will let users more easily manage app logins, make money on ads, and test apps. A report from Gigaom noted that while the platform, called Fabric, isn’t directly related to Twitter’s core technology, the company sees it as key to its growth as more advertising dollars go to mobile.
  • Digiday published an interesting article about A/B testing and how publishers are increasingly relying on the audience testing method to build traffic as more readers visit their sites via social media. Rather than doing huge overhauls, the idea is to make small changes that add up over time, it said.
  • In announcing that her company beat expectations for the quarter, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer addressed critics with a detailed defense of her performance, according to Business Insider. Among other things, she discussed tax issues related to Yahoo’s remaining stake in Alibaba, the company’s share buyback, and Tumblr’s revenue growth.
  • To help you work more efficiently, TFP’s Mary Lester shares her favorite InDesign time-saving tips, including solutions for captioning multiple photos, making grids within grids, cleaning up messy text, and more.
  • What a decade it’s been! This week’s infographic pick takes us back in time to show how storytelling has evolved in the past 10 years.
  • Also on the TFP blog, the latest installment of our Women in Media roundup highlights hiring news from Women’s Health, BuzzFeed, Maxim, and others across the media and publishing industries.

Image: Folio

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