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Welcome to TFP’s roundup of news and tips for media industry pros! This week, we’re sharing stories about a study on online ad fraud, new publisher-friendly Facebook tools, how Instagram is pulling ahead of Twitter, and more.

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  • In 2015, companies could spend upwards of  $6 billion on online ads that are never seen by the consumers they are targeting, according to The Wall Street Journal. It detailed a new study that showed that 11% of the online display ads of 36 large U.S. companies between August and September were wasted on bogus traffic from bots. Video fared even worse, with 23% of those ads subject to the fraudulent activity, it said.
  • Some publisher-friendly rollouts at Facebook: Digiday reported that the company added a search feature that lets users more easily find a range of media related to a given topic, calling it an alternative to the site’s news feed that could significantly change how users get their media and how publishers try to reach their audiences and boost referral traffic.
  • Advertising Age detailed additional new Facebook tools that make it easier for media outlets to share their content with users. One is a dashboard that gives publishers better performance metrics, and another is a “smart publishing” feature that pushes out stories that are popular on Facebook, even if the publishers haven’t yet shared them on the site. According to a report from Re/code, these and other efforts are all part of a recent push by Facebook to get media providers to link their content to its platform more directly.
  • Meanwhile, Instagram is pulling ahead of Twitter with 300 million monthly users, showing an increase of 100 million users in just nine months, Adweek reported. Also, the photo- and video-sharing site will start taking down fake accounts and using verified badges to “make it easier for people to identify and follow the authentic brands they care about,” the article said.
  • On the TFP blog, check out the latest installment of our Media Metrics roundup, which covers projections for native-style display ads, a Google ad viewability study, how users access news and learn online, and more.
  • When saving a file, which of the three file formats — JPEG, GIF, and PNG — works best? Our Infographic Pick of the Week explores the attributes of each.
  • TFP’s Monica Murphy shares her favorite tips from InDesign Secrets, including constrain transformations, version-specific application icons for InDesign, and corner stroke effects.
  • Finally, this week’s DPS Tip covers all the updates and bug fixes in the v32.4 release of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Image: The Wall Street Journal/EELLS/BLOOMBERG

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Posted by: Monica Sambataro

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