This week’s infographic pick, from data analysis firm AddThis, highlights the year’s biggest social media trends from around the world, covering  everything from the growth of social and mobile to the events that generated the most traffic.

One site that saw a huge jump was Vietnamese social network Ketnooi, which had a 55% increase in shares. Also, users sharing from their web address bar went up 25%, while Gmail use increased 7% and Pinterest saw a 15% jump, with a 24% increase on mobile. Meanwhile, there was a significant decline in overall email use (31%), and both Facebook and Twitter were down 14%. In terms of mobile growth worldwide, Android use increased 61%, and iOS went up 28%.

This past year also saw a number of stories going viral around the globe, with some of the most widely shared topics being the Sochi Olympics, Ebola, and Malaysia Flight 370.

For more 2014 social media trends, click on the image below—and thanks to SocialTimes for the post!

Social and Mobile 2014 infographic

Posted by: Margot Knorr Mancini

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