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DPS Tip: DPS Status Page

Are you signed up to receive notices regarding DPS system status? Have you ever visited the DPS System Status page? If not, and you are creating Adobe Digital Publishing Suite apps, you are missing an essential tool that provides important information. The ...


DPS Tips Digest: October 2014

Technology for Publishing shares weekly tips on Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite to help you learn how to make the most of the tool. Here, we’ve gathered our DPS Tip posts from the past quarter so you can easily catch up ...


INFOGRAPHIC: What Are People Reading?

To celebrate its first year in business, ebook subscription service Scribd put together a fun infographic that explores what people are reading. It found that mind, body, and spirit and business titles are big in the nonfiction world, but many readers don’t finish ...


DPS Tip: Adobe DPS v32 Update Release v32.1

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v32.1, which was released on Sept. 29, includes the following updates: DPS Export for PowerPoint There is now a PowerPoint add-in called DPS Export for PowerPoint that converts Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 presentations to Adobe DPS ...


INFOGRAPHIC: 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses

In 2014,  women business owners are mostly optimistic about both the performance of their companies and the economy overall, according to this week’s infographic pick from the National Association of Women Business Owners and The organization, which surveyed 600 women business owners on the current ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing at the Speed of Light

Technology has made it possible for digital marketers to send their messages around the globe nearly instantaneously. But for their campaigns to be successful, they need to understand their global audiences and how to navigate the changing landscape. This week’s Infographic ...


DPS Tip: How to Preview on a Device

When creating an app using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, it is important to periodically preview your work, especially when building interactive overlays or after making any layout changes. As soon as a folio is added in the Folio Builder panel, it can ...


INFOGRAPHIC: In a Google Minute

Google’s numbers are mind-boggling: 2.4 million search queries, more than 20 million ad impressions, 1.15 million Play Store app downloads. And that’s in just 60 seconds, according to our Infographic Pick of the Week from Sumocoupon, posted on SocialTimes’ website. ...


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