The ability to control how a PDF appears when another user first opens it has been on many wish lists for some time, and InDesign CC 2015 has finally delivered this new feature. The PDF Export dialog now includes Acrobat view setting options for PDFs exported from InDesign. You can specify the default view and layout of a PDF, and whether it opens in full-screen mode.

Under the Viewing section of the Export Adobe PDF dialog box is where you can specify the default view of a PDF when it is opened by a user. Viewing options include:


View (enabled only if you select the PDF Standard – None) From the drop-down menu choose from:

  • Default
  • Actual Size
  • Fit Page
  • Fit Width
  • Fit Height
  • Fit Visible
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%

Layout From the drop-down menu choose from:

  • Default
  • Single Page
  • Single-Page Continuous
  • Two Up (Facing)
  • Two-Up Continuous (Facing)
  • Two Up (Cover Page)
  • Two-Up Continuous (Cover Page)

Open in Full-Screen Mode This options can be turned on or off.

Note: These options were previously available only in the Interactive PDF Export dialog.

To learn more about the PDF Export viewing options, see Adobe’s PDF Export Dialog Viewing Options page.

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

Monica Murphy has worked in the publishing industry for over 30 years supporting publishing operations of various sizes. In her role as Technical Product Manager for Technology for Publishing, she shares her publishing application expertise supporting a broad range of publishing clients in InDesign best practices, cross-platform content workflows, and InDesign Template strategies. Her weekly tip and blog posts have a committed following in the InDesign community, and as a long-time participant in the InDesign pre-release community, she regularly analyzes and provides feedback for upcoming features. Monica manages the authoring and publication of Technology for Publishing’s handbooks on InDesign, InCopy, and other associated titles.