Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Version 2015.3, released Aug. 25, includes numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes. Apps will need to be rebuilt in order to take advantage of these improvements.

Here is the full list as provided by Adobe:

Viewer Performance Improvements in August Releases

  • Performance improvements for the first launch of apps on all platforms. In tests, iOS apps load approximately 40% faster, Android apps load more than 40% faster, and Windows apps load 45% faster than the July beta apps.
  • Performance improvements for article downloads. In tests, articles downloaded approximately 30% faster in iOS apps, 45% faster in Android apps, and 30% faster in Windows apps compared with the July beta apps.
  • Performance for gestures such as swiping between articles is now much smoother on all platforms.
  • The viewer teams continue to work on improving the speed and performance of apps on all platforms.

DPS 2015 Portal and Services Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which edited images that had the same resolution as the original image were not being upload unless metadata was edited. (4032695)
  • Corrected the following: When filtering content by keyword, certain keywords could not be found if the keywords were created with commas followed by spaces. (4017694)
  • The Upload Failure dialog box is now displayed properly. (4022622)
  • Fixed an issue with errors occurring when selecting or deselecting a collection that contains a collection, and the child collection also contains the parent collection. (4024329)
  • Content and collection images are no longer upsampled in DPS 2015 Portal. (4024372)

iOS Viewer Bug Fixes

  • Tapping a navto link on page 2 or higher in an article and then tapping the Return back button now behaves properly, jumping to the previous reading position instead of to page 1. (4037216)
  • The app menu now updates when a new collection is available instead of waiting until the user swipes to another view. (4033406)
  • Tapping a navto link to an article not in the same collection now works for collections set to either Browse Page or Content View. (4031976)
  • During first launch, when Viewer cannot retrieve Configuration info, the error message now provides better feedback. (4031956)
  • Zoom out of pan & zoom overlay in an article no longer exits the article. (4031864)
  • Videos in MSO states can now play after the first video is played. (4031079)
  • Scrollable frames no longer require an initial tap to activate them, resulting in improved behavior. (4031074)
  • When “Remember reading position” is enabled, tapping the back button no longer jumps to the wrong page. (4031061)
  • If the app is launched for the first time when the Internet is not available, the app behavior is improved. (4030471)
  • Tapping on a full-screen video that has “Do Not Allow Pause” enabled now shows the navigation bars in DPS 2015 apps as it does in DPS apps.
  • Fixed an issue in which the branding image failed to appear in apps. (4028060)
  • Fixed an issue with web views not displaying in the right orientation when a banner is tapped. (4027206)
  • When an inline video with no controller is paused, the white play button now appears over the video in DPS 2015 as it does in DPS. (4026609)
  • Scrolling through a browse page with a lot of cards is now smoother. (4018937)
  • Fixed behavior of a card appearing improperly when performing certain gestures. (4013016)
  • Fixed an issue in which users were unable to swipe to change articles after swiping on a scrollable frame. (4012244)
  • Fixed scrollable frame issues in which two swipes were sometimes required to scroll a scrollable frame, and at times swiping a scrollable page scrolls both the page and overlay at the same time. (4010155)
  • After tapping the Back button or navto link on a page with overlays playing, the overlay reset no longer occurs just before the article is out of view. (4006394)
  • On the iPad, pinching out on a zoomed-in pan & zoom overlay will pinch out the entire article view back up to the parent, rather than zooming out of only the overlay. (4005572)
  • Bezel swipe now returns to the previous article from which the user tapped a navto button. (3992796)
  • Autoplaying overlays no longer pause during playback when the parent article is brought into view via a navto link. (3968274)

Android Viewer Bug Fixes

  • Problem resolved with app getting stuck in a constant “update available” state. (4026575)
  • App no longer crashes when tapping a collection in app menu while the article is still downloading. (4022366)
  • Navto an article outside the current collection is now working properly. (4022019)
  • Accessibility – metadata fields other than title are now read properly. (4020931)
  • Fixed an issue in which the app sometimes crashed when the top-level collection started with an article instead of a collection browse page. (4020827)
  • Fixed an issue in which tapping an article in a browse sometimes resulted in a crash. (4018942)
  • The localized string for “Build” and “Version” are no longer the same in the “Settings” page. (4027055)
  • For Samsung tablets and phones running KitKat (4.4), the text selection bar on HTML articles no longer dismisses automatically. (4013005)

Windows Viewer Bug Fixes

  • Browse view layout is no longer drawn incorrectly after a user detaches the keyboard and layout is redrawn from horizontal to vertical. (3993608)
  • The Retry button is now shown in Browse and Content View in cases when there is no Internet connection, download failed, and content fails to download. This now matches Android and iOS behavior. (4018279)
  • Articles that have a resource with “%20” in the file name no longer fail to download. (4018289)
  • Fixed an issue where the reading position was sometimes lost when an article was referenced through different collections. (4018976)
  • An error message is now displayed when a request to get any view returns a 404 or a 500 error. (4023739)
  • Back navigation no longer jumps to the wrong article in the collection when navto links are used in a different collection. (4024490)
  • Banners with links to mp4 videos now work correctly. (4027299)
  • The browse page download progress ring is no longer displayed long after all elements of browse view are loaded. It is dismissed only when the user opens one of the entities. (4027304)
  • Users can now view protected articles offline. (4027344)
  • The translation for “Build” and “Version” are now different in the “About” page. (4027445)
  • Rotating the device, or splitting the screen, when the app browser is open no longer results in a black screen being shown instead of content. (4028832)
  • App no longer shows a white screen and navigation bars when the device is rotated or the screen is split. (4028857)
  • An error message is now shown for collections that open in Content View when Wi-Fi is down. (4028878)
  • The “No Internet Connection” error screen is no longer shown for downloaded content when Wi-Fi is turned off. (4033496)
  • String “Cancel” in cancel button now includes the sign-in page. (4033744)
  • String “Sign Out” is now localized. (4034393)
  • Icon in no longer truncated in the text field of sign-in page. (4035253)
  • Analytics: ViewerType is no longer always set to Development. (4036534)
  • Analytics: The app no longer sends entityName as cont.productId. (4036555)

Image: Adobe

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