Content for Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) apps can be created using InDesign or a number of HTML authoring tools like Dreamweaver and Muse. The resulting files must then be converted to .article files, the new file format used in DPS 2015. This requires that DPS tools be installed to convert the InDesign and HTML files to this new format.

Installing InDesign Plug-ins

InDesign CS6 or later can be used to create and export article files for use in DPS 2015 apps. There are three methods to ensure that updated tools have been installed:

  • Creative Cloud subscribers will be prompted when there is an application update available for InDesign, which ensures that the latest tools are installed and ready to use.
  • Choosing InDesign’s Help>Updates will display in the list if there are updates for DPS 2015 tools to install.
  • If neccesary, InDesign updates to DPS 2015 tools can be downloaded and installed manually. See Adobe’s Install Tools for DPS 2015 page for more information.update tool CC

Updates include both DPS and DPS 2015 tools in InDesign versions CS6 to CC 2014, and will add the DPS Article file format in the Export dialog and change the Folio Overlays panel name to Overlays. Because InDesign CC 2015 will no longer support Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the Folio Builder, Folio Preview options, and Panorama overlay have been removed.

Installing the HTML Article Packager

The HTML Article Packager is a utility that lets you package content in the .article format so that it can be uploaded to a DPS 2015 article. Both Mac OS and Windows versions of the utility are available for installation on Adobe’s Install Tools for DPS 2015 page.

Mac OS Download and unzip the HTML Article Packager .dmg .zip file. Double-click the .dmg file, and drag the HTML Article Packager app into your Applications folder.

Windows Download and unzip the HTML Article Packager .zip file. The folder will contain a file called setup.exe that will install the HTML Article Packager application and create a shortcut named HTML Article Packager on the desktop.

installing tools tip 3

Note: Plugins for content management systems are also available. To learn more, see Adobe’s Create HTML Articles for DPS 2015 page.

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

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