Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Version 2015.8, released Dec. 18, includes new features, performance enhancements, and numerous bug fixes. Remember to rebuild your app to take advantage of the viewer improvements.

New Features

Restricted Collections

The Restricted Collections feature provides a way to display only those collections a user is entitled to. Hidden collections are displayed for entitled users upon sign-in. This feature gives publishers a way to create different experiences in their apps for different types of users. An example offered by Adobe is a DPS app that is distributed to a sales organization showing different product content and pitch presentations depending on a user’s sales region or business unit.

Restricted collections hidden

Restricted collections are enabled when direct entitlement is set up in a project, and the Product Type is set to Restricted for any products associated with the collection you want to hide.

 Edit Product DPS Learn

Desktop Web Viewer (Public Beta)

DPS 2015 app content that can be viewed in iOS, Android, and Windows platforms can now be viewed in a Desktop Web Viewer as well. The web viewer allows anyone with the URL to access DPS content, including users without mobile devices. Browse page navigation, fixed-layout or HTML-based articles, and entitlement options are displayed in the web viewer.

Desktop Web Viewer

Desktop Web Viewer options are set in the Apps section of the DPS Portal. The URL link to published content in the web viewer is accessed there and can then be shared with customers through email or a link on your web page.

DPS Apps section

There are still a number of bugs being worked on, which is why the web viewer is currently identified as public beta.

Mac Version of DPS Converter for Acrobat (Pre-release)

A prerelease for the Adobe DPS Converter for Acrobat has been made available for both Mac OS and Windows. This is an add-on to Adobe Acrobat DC that can generate DPS articles from PDF documents that have been created using any source product, including Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, and AutoCAD. The Converter plug-in will enable the creation of DPS article content by any user in just a few simple steps.

For information about joining the prerelease, see Available in Prerelease: Adobe DPS Converter for Acrobat.

Limit for Number of Items in a Collection

A limit of 450 items (articles, banners, and collections) per collection has been issued to ensure apps are performing optimally.

Bug Fixes

This release also includes numerous viewer and service bug fixes. For the complete list, see Adobe’s Bug Fix Release Notes for DPS 2015 page.

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

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