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TFP’s November Book Picks: Social Media Strategy

There’s no question social media is (or absolutely should be!) a key component of every publisher’s content strategy today. Given the fact that a huge chunk of publishers’ online traffic is now driven by social and direct-to-social distribution models are quickly ramping up, the ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Default and Home Collections

The default, or “top-level nav collection,” is the collection that controls what is shown when an Adobe Digital Publishing Solution app is launched. The same top-level nav (or default) collection can be used for both tablets and phones, or there is an ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Article Metadata

Article metadata is an important part of the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution workflow. Entries like Article Title and Abstract can be displayed on cards, Article Importance and Department can determine which articles are mapped to a card, and other options can affect ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The Language of Typography

Serifs, strokes, and swashes. This week’s infographic pick, posted by Janie Klieve on Canva, takes us into the world of typography with an illustrated overview of everything from typeface categories and styles to positioning and spacing to the parts of letters. If you’re a designer, this colorful ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Top Rated Social Media Management Tools

What works for you? As the Seriously Social blog points out, social media management tools can’t take the place of a solid strategy and good planning, but they can boost your productivity and increase the effectiveness of your social media activities. Question is, which is ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Generate App Building Assets

Building Adobe Digital Publishing Solution apps requires the creation of a variety of image files that are used for app icons and launch screens for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. This could be a time-consuming task, given all the specific size requirements for each ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Give Your Content a Quality Checkup

Quality counts. It doesn’t matter how much content you churn out—if it isn’t high quality and relevant to your audience, you’re wasting your time and (often scarce) resources. We discovered an infographic from Express Writers that’s packed with information that can help you ensure a return ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Enabling Social Sharing

Enabling social sharing in an Adobe Digital Publishing Solution app allows readers to share selected articles through email, Twitter, Facebook, or other supported social media channels. Sharing articles extends the readership of an app to potential customers and encourages them ...


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