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DPS 2015 Tip: Migrating Content from DPS Folios

Content previously published in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite folios can be easily copied and added to Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) 2015 projects using the Folio Migration Tool. Each migrated folio automatically creates a new collection containing articles formatted as DPS 2015 ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Create Engaging Content

Keep calm and write on. The name of the game today is engagement, which means gaining—and holding—the attention of your audience with content that’s useful and well written. To help you achieve that goal, this week we bring you an infographic that highlights the ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Creating a Project

In Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015), projects are containers in which content for a specific app is stored. Projects are associated with an app via a common Bundle ID, so that the project knows to deliver any contained content to ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Mobile Use Across Generations

Text me. Many people assume texting is predominately the domain of younger smartphone users, but according to research firm RealityMine, not so. In a recent study of 3,000 users, it found that texting is now the preferred method of communication across generations, ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media by the Numbers

Who’s your target? Courtesy of Sprout Social, we bring you some fresh insights on who’s using which social platforms so you can better focus your content efforts. This week’s infographic provides recent demographics for top sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, breaking out usage based ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Finding Happiness at Work

Road to success. “It’s not success that causes happiness, but being happy that tends to lead to success.” Some wise words, highlighted in our Infographic Pick of the Week from, which looks at the many benefits of being content in your work ...


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