Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Version 2016.5, released April 19, includes new and improved features, and several bug fixes.


Article Size Feedback

Introduced in a previous release, when an article file is uploaded to a project in the AEM Mobile portal, the size of the article is displayed. Now, the number will appear in either green, yellow, or red, depending on the size of the file, to further indicate if the size may generate performance issues. Articles marked as yellow or red will include an estimated download time and suggestions for content optimization.

Social Sharing in Android Apps

Content can be shared from iOS apps and now from Android apps as well. When Social Sharing is enabled in a project and a customer shares an article, a link to the article appears on a social share landing page, or a link can send users directly to the URL specified in article settings.

Extensibility Enhancements

  • Desktop Web Viewer now supports content entity metadata, app data, getAuthToken, and isAuthenticated APIs.
  • An Enable Extensibility Features option can be selected in the Content section of project settings to change the default for all new articles, instead of having to select it for each new article.

Analytics Improvements

  • iOS and Android apps now collect analytics for in-app searches. Information gathered will reveal search queries and patterns.
  • Analytics now tracks subscriberId and subscriberType in Desktop Web Viewer.

Option to Use WebKit for HTML Content in iOS 9

Enabling the WKWebView plug-in when building an iOS app will render HTML files the same way they render in Mobile Safari. This option uses WKWebView (WebKit) instead of UIWebView for HTML articles and web overlays on iOS 9 devices. iOS 8 devices will still render app content using UIWebView.

Note: WKWebView optimizes JavaScript execution but may exhibit different behavior than UIWebView. For example, embedded video and audio files will not load in WKWebView.

Choosing the WKWebView option from the Settings menu in the AEM Preflight app when previewing updated HTML content will help you decide whether or not to enable this option in your app.

 In-App Search (Beta) Improvements

  • All non-internal metadata fields are now included in search results, including Short Title and Short Abstract.
  • Search results in preflight apps no longer contain deleted content.
  • The display of search results is improved with smoother transitions.
  • Analytics for in-app searches in iOS and Android apps is now collected.
  • Users can now share an article from within search results.

Additional Improvements

This release includes several performance enhancements, including improved performance in the On-Demand Portal when multiple publishing requests are occurring.

Bug Fixes

This release also includes numerous viewer and service bug fixes. For the complete list, see Adobe’s Bug Fix Release Notes page.

Images: Adobe

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

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