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InDesign CC Tip: Publish Online Analytics

An important addition to InDesign CC’s Publish Online feature is Analytics. This service provides publishers with valuable information about the documents they publish online. Usage data is gathered, organized, and presented in the Analytics section of the Web Dashboard (File>Publish Online Dashboard). The Overview window displays information pertaining to ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The Future of Print vs. Digital Books

Electronic vs. print This week we bring you an infographic pick that explores what’s ahead in the book publishing world, with a detailed comparison of print and digital formats and forecasts for each category. Courtesy of ebook platform Blurb, it shows print remains strong despite ...


AEM Mobile Tip: Layout Renditions

These days most people read digital content on multiple devices. Being able to design content for multiple target devices can be done with the AEM Mobile layout renditions feature. Renditions of a browse page for the same collection can be created for ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The Rise of Uber

The Uberification model A disruptor in the transportation industry, Uber started out just seven years ago as a simple mobile app for connecting drivers and passengers. Today, the company is estimated to be worth $62.5 billion—more than top carmakers including BMW, Ford, Honda, ...


InDesign CC Tip: Sort Swatches

When a designer is working on an InDesign layout there is no telling just how many swatches they will play with before they pick the ones they want or how many swatches are imported when art or text files are placed from ...


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