Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Version 2017.1, released Jan. 10, includes new and improved features, and several bug fixes.


App Customization

Additional app customization features have been added to this release. They include the ability to turn on or off the Navigation Bar and App Menu in iOS and Android apps. The Navigation Bar can be set to Always visible or Always hidden. Making the Navigation Bar always visible no longer hides the top of the article content when the article is tapped, which is the default behavior. HTML articles appear full width below the Navigation Bar. Fixed-layout articles are scaled proportionally and letterboxed.

New goto Navigation Links

New hyperlinks that trigger features, previously available only in the Navigation Bar and the App Menu, can be added to an article or dynamic banner. If the App Menu or Navigation Bar have been disabled, these goto navigation links can be a good alternative. The following goto formats are now available:

Social Share link – goto://ApplicationViewState/share
Search link – goto://ApplicationViewState/search
Android Settings link – goto://ApplicationViewState/settings

Also available: The and APIs will detect whether the app is enabled for Search or Social Sharing. A goto link for the Account option in the App Menu is not available, but the ability to display the sign-in prompt through APIs is.

Entitlement-Aware Search

Search results no longer show restricted content unless the user is signed in and has access to the restricted content. Articles from a collection that is set to “Entitled” or “Free” are still displayed in search results.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Dynamic banners now support getEntity calls—used to get information for articles, collections, or banners in your app—in Desktop Web Viewer. This release also includes several bug fixes. For the complete list, see Adobe’s Bug Fix Release Notes page.

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

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