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InDesign CC Tip: Sharing CC Libraries

The introduction of the Creative Cloud gave us a way to easily create design assets in multiple applications and on different devices—and then store them in CC Libraries. Having easy access to these library assets and being able to organize and use them ...


INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Steps to ‘Epic’ Content

Make it great We don’t have to tell you how fierce the content business was this past year—and competition for attention will only intensify as media choices continue to proliferate. So how will you make your content stand out in 2017? Here’s ...


InDesign CC Tip: Straddling Footnotes

InDesign users have been waiting for straddling footnotes for a very long time, and they are finally here! If you are working with multi-column text frames, inserted footnotes can span across all columns when Span Footnotes Across Columns is selected ...


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