The March release of Adobe InDesign CC (version 13.1) is a smaller application update that contains a couple of new features and enhancements to existing ones. Here’s what  you will find in this latest version of InDesign:

Merge Paragraph Borders

The new Merge Paragraph Borders option that has been added to the Paragraph Border feature allows the border to enclose multiple consecutive paragraphs. Choosing the option to Merge Consecutive Borders and Shading With Same Settings in the Paragraph Borders dialog will merge the borders of the selected paragraphs when they have the same paragraph border properties applied.



Endnotes support in InCopy

Endnotes are now available in InCopy as well as in InDesign. You can import, edit, and check in endnotes in InCopy. Endnotes can be exported as ICMA and ICML files. Fixes and improvements have also been made to this feature.

Export document as separate PDF pages

When exporting an InDesign document to PDF, you now have an option to create separate PDFs for each page or spread. Select Create Separate PDF Files while exporting as an Adobe PDF. Options for filenames and file numbering via a suffix are also available.


Richer analytics for Publish Online documents

Additional analytics, including read time, average read time, and device breakup of user views are now available for each Publish Online document.


Consistent shortcut key presets

The option to use Photoshop or Illustrator keyboard shortcuts in InDesign is now available. When you launch InDesign and create a new document, and Illustrator or Photoshop are installed on your system, you will get a message across the bottom of your application window that lets you choose to use Photoshop or Illustrator shortcuts. You can also go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts to select Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop shortcuts or to revert to InDesign default shortcuts.


IDML retains its file name on opening

In previous versions, when you opened an IDML file, it opened as an untitled document. To avoid confusion and easily identify files when multiple ones are opened at once, in this build, IDML will not open as an untitled document. It will open with the name of the IDML file.

New mobile presets

New mobile and tablet presets have been added in the New Document dialog. New mobile presets include iPhone X, iPhone 8, Google Pixel, and more.

Hex input field for colors

Currently, the hex value edit field is available in the Color Picker dialog only. In this release, you will find the hex value edit field in the Color panel also.

Cross-reference UI enhancements

Creating a cross-reference no longer requires scrolling through long lists of paragraphs after you select a paragraph style. Now you can use a search bar to find a particular paragraph. Search types include:

  • Search From Start Match the sequence from the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Search anywhere Match the sequence from anywhere in the paragraph.


The Preview button is back! While creating a new document, you now have an option to preview the document as you make changes in the New Document dialog. Select Preview at the bottom of the dialog to view how your document will look based on the current settings before you click Create.

Important bug fixes

This release also includes numerous bug fixes. To learn more about these fixes, visit Adobe’s InDesign CC March 2018 13.1 Release Notes.

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

Monica Murphy has worked in the publishing industry for over 30 years supporting publishing operations of various sizes. In her role as Technical Product Manager for Technology for Publishing, she shares her publishing application expertise supporting a broad range of publishing clients in InDesign best practices, cross-platform content workflows, and InDesign Template strategies. Her weekly tip and blog posts have a committed following in the InDesign community, and as a long-time participant in the InDesign pre-release community, she regularly analyzes and provides feedback for upcoming features. Monica manages the authoring and publication of Technology for Publishing’s handbooks on InDesign, InCopy, and other associated titles.