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InDesign Tip: Find Similar Images

With just a click you can find images that are similar to a currently selected image on your InDesign layout. The list of Creative Cloud features that are an integral part of your InDesign workflow just grew. The Find Similar ...


InDesign 2020 Is Here!

Adobe MAX 2019: Accelerating Your Creativity During today’s MAX keynote, CEO Shantanu Narayen’s presentation addressed the idea that creativity and collaboration are slowed by the time constraints we all experience. In response, the Adobe Creative Cloud team unveiled numerous time-saving ...


InDesign CC Tip: Content-Aware Fit

When it comes to placing images, especially large numbers of images, this new feature introduced in InDesign CC 2019, automates several steps and is a great time-saver. InDesign can now evaluate an image being placed, along with the frame’s dimensions ...


InDesign CC Tip: Import PDF Comments

If your collaborative workflow uses PDFs exported from InDesign as an editorial tool to review a document and send comments and corrections back to the InDesign user, you really need to try this new feature. The Import PDF Comments feature ...


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