Finding and changing colors applied in your InDesign documents hasn’t exactly been easy—until now. InDesign 2021 offers the new Find this Color option which allows you to search for all instances of a selected color which can then be globally changed or changed on a case by case basis.

To access this feature you can right-click on the color name you want to find in the Swatches panel, as shown in the image above, select Find this Color and the Find/Change dialog will open with the Color pane active. Alternately, you can open the Find/Change dialog (CMD-F) and select the Color pane.

As with any Find/Change search you do, you can now quickly find a color in a document, or in all the open InDesign documents. Click Color in the Find/Change dialog box to search for specific instances of a color, and if desired, replace it with another color.

To start this process, make sure to deselect all objects (Edit>Deselect All) and then use one of the two options explained above to select a color to find. Choose to search the active document or to search and replace the color in all open documents.

Select the replacement color from the Change Color menu and select the color you want to change to or choose the Select New Color Swatch option to create a new swatch.

The Find/Change options, Find Next and Change All, work the same with color as they do with text and objects.

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Posted by: Monica Murphy

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