Technology for Publishing is a professional services firm that has been providing process and technical consulting to publishers in the magazine, book, newspaper, and corporate industries for more than 20 years.

With a notable list of long-standing clientele, Technology for Publishing is a recognized leader in helping companies transform their content publishing strategies, processes, and systems from traditional, resource-heavy, paper-based models to fluid, automated content flows.

Our knowledge of the publishing industry and its ever-changing strategies forms our ability to understand your organization’s needs. We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with clients in the publishing and content industry,which provide us with a unique and broad perspective that enables us to watch the industry evolve, capture emerging trends, and provide beneficial insights to our clients.

We are an experienced, knowledgeable consulting team dedicated to your content organization’s success.

How Can We Help You?

  • Align your publishing practices with business change requirements to meet your goals
  • Understand and improve your content production needs, formats, and distribution requirements
  • Transform content and publishing processes into efficient and effective models
  • Simplify content systems and technologies to best meet your business needs
  • Educate about emerging standards and technologies

Interested In Working Together?

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TFP CEO, Margot Knorr Mancini, 2013 Enterprising Women of the Year Finalist

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