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Our Mission

At Technology for Publishing, our mission is to transform publishing people, workgroups, process, and products with the empowerment of collaboration and technology. It’s our aim to ensure every one of our clients succeeds.

Our Vision

Achieving a competitive advantage in publishing takes one part technology and two parts understanding. It’s really about defining how your business needs to grow and change, and clarifying how your market and competitors have shifted the landscape and requirements for success. Keeping up with changing requirements can be difficult when you are actively focused on trying to produce and generate revenue.

Being one step ahead of the competition means being positioned to create and deliver content in whatever form your audience requires—in near real time.

At Technology for Publishing, we know that the challenges facing the publishing industry most often require publishers to rethink how they create and deliver content. We can help you find success amongst competing priorities, and help you reorient to stay on track.

What our clients have to say about TFP

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