Goodbye 2020… Hello 2021

It’s a Wrap! Here’s a look back at some of the positive news stories and a look ahead with more. Looking Forward to 2021 ‘Marketing at Maximum Intensity’: Publishers Ready for Rocketing Ad Spending from Streamers in 2021 In 2021, it’s Time to Refocus ...


InDesign Tip: Subject-Aware Text Wrap

Now, with the power of Adobe Sensei’s intelligent subject detection, you can wrap text around the contours of the prominent subject of an image directly in InDesign without having to use Alpha Channels or Photoshop paths. To create a subject-aware ...


InDesign Tip: Find and Change Colors

Finding and changing colors applied in your InDesign documents hasn’t exactly been easy—until now. InDesign 2021 offers the new Find this Color option which allows you to search for all instances of a selected color which can then be globally ...


InDesign 2021 Release!

Adobe MAX 2020: Creativity is Nourished by Tough Times Yesterday saw the beginning of Adobe MAX 2020 with the keynote given by Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President & CEO and Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer (with a sprinkling of Conan O’Brien ...


InDesign CC Tip: Quick Apply

Add Quick Apply to your production tools  and see how this type of shortcut will be an essential part of working efficiently in InDesign. When using the Quick Apply function, you can access and apply styles, menu commands, scripts, variables, ...


InDesign Tip: The Redefine Style Command

Most designers know that styles are an effective way to efficiently format text, and that it’s best to apply styles consistently to ensure a cohesive, visually pleasing design. The Redefine Paragraph and Character Styles feature gives you the ability to visually redesign how ...


InDesign Tip: Community Script Folder

The fewer the mouse clicks and keyboard strokes the better, right? That’s why InDesign users love scripts! The ability to use one script to accomplish a series of steps saves time and frankly, it’s pretty cool. Version 15.0.2 of InDesign ...


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