Book Picks

TFP’s June Book Picks: Data Visualization

For everyone in the content business today, data visualization is key—not only because it’s central to effectively telling stories and building brands, but also because it helps strategists see trends and patterns to better target audiences. But data without the means to ...


TFP’s May Book Picks: Apple Watch

Ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch, some analysts estimated that by the end of 2015, shipments of Apple’s first wearable will reach more than 13.7 million units, giving the company a nearly 50% share of the market out of the ...


TFP’s March Book Picks: Content Governance

Given today’s fast-changing, cross-platform content workflows, it’s not surprising that content governance is a hot topic across the publishing industry lately. But what exactly does content governance mean? Why do you need it? And how do you successfully implement it? Those questions are ...


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