Digital Publishing Tips

AEM Mobile Tip: Updated Portal Interface

With the v2016.13 release of AEM Mobile, you’ll see an updated interface in the Adobe On-Demand Services Portal that makes it more consistently aligned with other Adobe Services sites. All of the same features and functions are still available in ...


AEM Mobile Tip: Hiding Projects

Once created, Adobe Experience Manager Mobile projects cannot be deleted from the On-Demand Portal. To decrease the number of projects shown in the project list, a Hide Project feature is available. Project administrators (a Master Admin or a user with ...


AEM Mobile Tip: Layout Renditions

These days most people read digital content on multiple devices. Being able to design content for multiple target devices can be done with the AEM Mobile layout renditions feature. Renditions of a browse page for the same collection can be created for ...


AEM Mobile Tip: Creating Layout Templates

Collections of content, individual articles, and banners can all be displayed in a browse page layout in an Adobe Experience Manager Mobile app. The Layout Templates section of the portal provides a set of tools used to design layout templates. This single ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Works

Check it out! Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEM Mobile) is a product that offers you more flexible design and publishing options for your apps. Whether you’re trying out the product for the first time or have already started using AEM Mobile, you know it’s an exciting time for digital ...


AEM Mobile Tip: Creating a Content Map

After the layout template feature, this is very close second for favorite feature in Adobe Experience Manager Mobile! The Content Map interface is a visual organizer that creates a graphic flowchart to define the content structure of an app and ...


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