Digital Publishing Tips

DPS 2015 Tip: Generate App Building Assets

Building Adobe Digital Publishing Solution apps requires the creation of a variety of image files that are used for app icons and launch screens for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. This could be a time-consuming task, given all the specific size requirements for each ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Enabling Social Sharing

Enabling social sharing in an Adobe Digital Publishing Solution app allows readers to share selected articles through email, Twitter, Facebook, or other supported social media channels. Sharing articles extends the readership of an app to potential customers and encourages them ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Migrating Content from DPS Folios

Content previously published in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite folios can be easily copied and added to Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) 2015 projects using the Folio Migration Tool. Each migrated folio automatically creates a new collection containing articles formatted as DPS 2015 ...


DPS 2015 Tip: Creating a Project

In Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015), projects are containers in which content for a specific app is stored. Projects are associated with an app via a common Bundle ID, so that the project knows to deliver any contained content to ...


DPS 2015 Tip: About Adobe Digital Publishing Solution

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) is designed to give you more options for delivering your digital content with an emphasis on article-based, continuous publishing. Content can be published more frequently, outside of a traditional issue release, where it isn’t simply replicating a ...


Adobe Launches Digital Publishing Solution

This week Adobe officially announced the next generation of Adobe DPS in the form of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution. Differentiated from the former Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which was heavily centered around Adobe InDesign for content creation, Adobe Digital Publishing ...


DPS Tip: Text Notifications With Article Links

One of several push notification enhancements added to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is the ability to send a text notification that, when tapped, launches an app and then opens a specified article. This is another way to enhance the reader’s experience and interaction ...


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