Digital Publishing Tips

DPS Tip: Folio Builder Panel Menu

When creating content for an app in InDesign with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite tools, the Folio Builder panel is one of the primary panels you will use. The Folio Builder panel has three views: Folio, Article, and Layout View. ...


DPS Tip: The Folio Builder Panel

The Folio Builder panel  is one of two panels installed in InDesign with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite tools. This panel is used to create and manage folio files and can be accessed  by going to Window>Extensions>Folio Builder in InDesign CS5 or ...


DPS Tip: Working With DPS Articles

An Adobe Digital Publishing Suite folio is a collection of articles that makes up a digital publication. Each article file consists of one or two layouts—horizontal and/or vertical—depending on whether the orientation requirements are portrait only, landscape only, or dual orientation. Articles ...


DPS Tip: Swiping Articles Horizontally

When building articles in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, determining how the content will be revealed to readers must be part of the design process. Sometimes it’s desirable for an article to be experienced as a series of pages that a ...


DPS Tip: Publishing for SD and HD iPads

When you’re publishing Adobe Digital Publishing Suite apps for the iPad, you must take into account the different resolutions of the standard-definition and the newer high-resolution models. To target both devices, consider these options when building your app: Creating separate ...


DPS Tips: App Builder Advanced Options

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite includes and application called DPS App Builder, which is used to create the physical app that gets submitted to the marketplace. Below is a list of the advanced options currently available in the DPS App ...


DPS Tip: When to Update the Tools

With Adobe releasing new Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) versions every nine weeks, there’s a lot of confusion around whether to update to the latest version of the tools. While everyone wants to be current, there’s a valid reason to think ...


Adobe DPS Tip: What’s an App ID?

If you’re using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Viewer Builder, you’ve likely had to deal with app IDs. The Apple Developer side of the process can feel like learning a foreign language for users who are new to it. Apple ...


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