InDesign Tips

My Top 5 iPad Apps for Designers on the Go

Paper by FiftyThree There are a bazillion drawing apps out there. My Holy Grail wish list includes fast access, intuitive tools, and the ability to capture handwritten notes as well as sketches. Paper by FiftyThree provides all that and casually tosses in a ...


Inspired by Paper in a Digital World

I enjoy absorbing content on my iPad and read digital versions of some of my favorite magazines. But I love paper too. Always will. That hold-your-breath anticipation of opening a beautifully printed perfect-bound publication for the very first time…that inky ...


Super-Sized Infographics Inspiration

Information Graphics, by Sandra Rendgen, is a stunningly beautiful book with more than 400 examples of data visualization from around the world. Fantastically over-sized with a 10-by-15-inch trim and a 2-inch spine, and weighing a hefty 8 pounds, it’s easily ...


InDesign CC 9.2 Update Features

The recent InDesign CC 9.2 update adds several new and improved features to the application. Changes have been made in the following areas: Typekit Desktop Fonts Creative Cloud subscribers who are using Typekit fonts can easily find missing fonts, filter and ...


InDesign Tip: Repeating Nested Styles

Here’s something fun for you to try! Nested styles can be repeated throughout a paragraph to easily create stylized text. We’ll show you how to alternate colored words as a basic example, but take the time to experiment with nested ...


InDesign CC Tip: Adobe Exchange Panel

Adobe Exchange is a great feature for users looking for ways to be more efficient and creative. The Adobe Exchange panel, which can be viewed by selecting Window>Extensions>Adobe Exchange, functions like an app store, allowing you to search for content, plug-ins, ...


InDesign Tip: Interface Color Theme Option

Adobe InDesign’s Color Theme option, which can be found in the Interface Preferences pane, creates a user interface layer that is shared by other Adobe applications, such as Illustrator, providing a consistent look and feel. The result of this enhancement is ...


InDesign Tip: Text Wrap Preferences

One of the best things about working with InDesign is the flexibility that it offers for customizing how the application will behave. Preferences are a great way of managing and maintaining various settings in the application for all documents or ...


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